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Sell more with us

Earn free clients in exchange of nothing. Rocket-up your sales with us. We are the GOLD VALLEY for web hosting seekers to search for best hosting deals and for hosting vendors looking to get listed on TheWebHostingDir.

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Why Web Hosts Love Us

Hosting Assured Be our Hosting Assured

Trust is crucial; being an authoritative vendor is a must to sell services in today’s fierce competition. Validating our hosting assured batch will definitely make you stand among the most trusted vendors across the globe.

Statistics for Answers Statistics for Answers

Statistics always helps you in Bringing betterment to your services which further improves customers satisfaction rate and even Conversions. As we’re providing In-depth statistics, you can certainly Gain more sales with us!

Testimonials are Golden Boosts Testimonials are Golden Boosts

Customers’ ratings always elevate The brand trust level in the Eyes of the audience. We provide an Easy to post review system and That’s how your services get a Lot of customer engagement and love Oh yes! You can flaunt those customer Reviews on your website as well!

thrive your business Let’s thrive your business!

Earn your potential customers Earn your potential customers a great number of visitors. (Chart)

Inquires, Get Growing Inquires, Get Growing!

Get inquiries and quotes daily on your dashboard

No limit upon plan listings No limit upon plan listings

Never feel restricted while listing plans on our platform. As long keep it categorized, you’re free to list as many plans as you want, and real big benefits.

Opinions Shared By Web Hosts For Us

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s absolutely free to get a listing on thewebhostingdir. You do not need to pay any charge in order to get listed in thewebhostingdir.

It is a very easy process to join thewebhostingdir. You first have to log in to the account of and make your profile.

Once you create your account, you will see the option of adding a company. Click that option and fill up the details of your company and add your plans.

You can add as many plans as you want. There are no restrictions on that. Just take care to add them into the right category. In thewebhostingdir, you can add or remove a plan with just one click

We rank hosting companies on many parameters. But these are the main parameters which affect the ranking of a hosting company the most.

  1. Features(Features score is calculated on various features provided by a company like bandwidth, disk space, backup etc.)
  2. Customer Rating(calculated on customer ratings of a hosting company)
  3. Popularity Score(any plan’s total clicks in a month compared to most clicked plan of the category)
  4. Domain Authority of a company(Based on Alexa rank of a company)

Hosting assured seal is an ethics trust mark that hundreds of web hosting companies display on their website and agree to abide by. To join the hosting assured company a company should follow all of our code of ethics.

To apply for the hosting assured go to the hosting panel of your hosting assured follow the below steps:

  1. To join the Hosting Assured program, you agree to a code of customer ethics.
  2. Make sure that your business has a valid Support Phone number in profile
  3. Make sure that your business has a valid Address on profile.
  4. Make sure that your business has a valid Contact Us page on profile.
  5. Copy and paste the HTML code on Contact Us or Support page of your website. This code will display a seal and a button on your website to verify "Hosting Assured Company" status of your website. The seal will only be displayed on your "Contact Us" or "Support" page.(You will get the HTML code in your admin panel, once you list your company)
  6. Once step 5 is completed, click "Click to Submit Application Button" to verify Hosting Assured Seal on your website.
  7. Enrollment in the Hosting Assured Program is on a merit basis. If we find your application appropriate, we will enroll you in this program.

below are the code of ethics of thewebhostingdir

  1. All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate
  2. All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed
  3. The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty.
  4. All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance.
  5. All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive.
  6. Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.

The major benefit of joining the web hosting assured plan is that you will be able to gain more customers.

As per our data, hosting assured companies get 40% more profile views and conversions than the rest of the companies. Hosting Assured companies are able to gain trust of customers easily.

After registering you will get a hosting assured batch besides your name in all your plans, which will tell users about your status. You will also be able to put the hosting assured batch on your website. Which will create a positive impact among your visitors

In our homepage, we provide our users with a feature called ‘request a quote’. Users will fill up their requirements and request a quote to hosting companies.

Hosting companies will receive details of inquiry through mail in the “Quotes'' section of their admin panel. They can quote an offer afterwards. If a user likes the offer he or she will purchase the product.

Users can also send individual quote requests to hosting companies. They just have to visit the profile page of a company and click the option of ‘Request A Quote’. This way only your company will receive that user’s inquiry.

We have elaborately explained the process of posting a user’s review on your site in this article. Kindly check it out, after reading if you have any query you can anytime contact us or can just simply post your query in the comments. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

No, we do not have any criteria for hosting companies. Any company irrespective of its size or Age can get listed on our site and can get exposure to thousands of users across the world.

Hosting Assured Mediation Process stands to make easy and satisfactory communication between client and customer. If a customer encounters any problem with the hosting assured host that he cannot solve from his side, the customer can request to mediate the problem.

If a customer’s complaint is genuine and a “Hosting Assured” company is not taking proper action on his or her complaint. Then thewebhostingdir has all rights to remove the “Hosting Assured” status of a company. You can refer to the following steps to know about the mediation process workflow.

  1. Step 1: Complaint raised by a customer with Problem Statement.
  2. Step 2: E-mail will be sent to the customer to validate the complaint.
  3. Step 3: After activation of the complaint by a customer, the web hosting company will receive an email with a link to the complaint where they will be able to respond.
  4. Step 4: Hosting Assured Seal Status will change to "Mediation In Progress".
  5. Step 5: Web Hosting Provider will receive an email about complaint details. The complaint will also be added to the HA Complaints Section.
  6. Step 6: Web Hosting Providers can respond to the complaint through HA Complaint Section.
  7. Step 7: Customers will get informed via an email about hosting providers' response.
  8. Step 8: After Receiving Satisfactory Solution, the Customer will close the complaint by clicking on "Close this complaint" Button.
  9. Step 9: Hosting Assured Seal Status will be changed to "Good"

The web hosting company cannot close a complaint.

If Hosting Assured Admin closes the complaint, it will be due to one of two possible reasons

  1. No solution was found, and the web hosting company was dropped from the Hosting Assured program and can no longer display the trust mark on their website
  2. Hosting Assured determined that the complaint/request was unreasonable or fraudulent, or a solution aligned with the hosting assured ethics was offered but not accepted by the customer. In this case, the web hosting company Hosting Assured status will return to "In Good Standing". "In Good Standing"

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Note : Listing on Thewebhostingdir and obtaining a Hosting Assured badge is entirely free. We do not take any charges for that. Rankings are given by a rating system, which our experts develop. The sole purpose of running this directory is to provide users with an unbiased and honest opinion about the best web hosting companies in the business.

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